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Pak’s Rehman Malik cites Lokpal debate as proof of match fixing in India

December 29, 2011

Pakistan’s Home Minister Rehman Malik cited the Lokpal discussion in the Rajya Sabha as evidence that India is the root of all match fixing. For Indian anchors Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt had ‘predicted’ that there would be a disruption in the functioning of the Rajya Sabha at 5-6 hours before the actual disruption took place. Mr. Malik argued that it is this very Indian media that has maligned the good name of Pakistan by trapping cricketers Salman Butt, Mohd. Asif and Mohd. Amir in the fixing scandal.

He said “We in Pakistan always knew of the existence of cross-border TRPism. India is blaming Pakistan and using Pakistanis as a tool to boost TRPs of Indian channels.” Mr. Malik also provided documentary evidence of this unholy nexus. He added “You can see Barkha and Rajdeep scheming together and also independently with Amir and Salman respectively. I will forward this to the ICC President.” However, some journalists did inform Mr. Malik that the pictures were those of Bollywood heroes Salman and Amir.  To which Mr.Malik retorted “Do not try to teach me ifs and Butts. Asif  I cannot make out. Amiretarted?” Saying so, in full public view he inserted the dossier into an envelope addressed to “SHRI. SHARAD PAWAR, MUMBAI, INDIA” and had it ordered his assistant to courier it. On being queried regarding the completeness of the address, Mr. Malik said that since all properties in Mumbai are now owned by Pawar with Kalmadi and Shahid Balwa in jail, he was confident that this was the most efficient way to reach the ICC president. When asked by a journo about his penchant for exposes, he replied with his trademark rhetoric “If Veena Malik can expose, why not Rehman Malik? But I hope Mrs. Shoiab Malik also follows suite”

However Mr. Malik placed on record his admiration for the efficiency with which the prediction was made and indicated his desire to appoint Lalu Yadav as a consultant to the Pakistan cricket team. He said “We still have hope. Kamran Akmal is still playing and has not been banned. While he has shown his reliability in the area of dropped catches, his strength has now become a weakness. Kamran dropping a catch is too predictable an event for any bookie to make money. I am confident that we can all use Laluji’s expertise in fixing and improve the situation.”

When Lalu was asked about ‘fixing’ developments in parliament after an RJD MP Shri.Rajniti Prasad disrupted proceedings by literally tearing minister Narayansamy’s notes, he replied “Yahi toh Rajniti hain“.


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