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The Italian Job – Sonia, a ship and some gunshots

February 22, 2012

The recent incident of Italian marines shooting two fishermen from Kerala seems to have caught the imagination of the media and public alike. Unfortunately the real issues at hand are being obfuscated by trivialities.  Let me actually put-down what has happened:

1) Two fisherman on the high seas, around 24km from the Indian shore where shot dead. Apparently they were assumed to be Somali pirates, as per the Italians’ official defence.

Sonia: still a real bomb-shell?

2) The Italians who fired were apparently trying to escape and the brave Indian Navy ‘dragged’ them ashore.

3) The so-called marines are then taken into policy custody and all hell breaks loose.

4) The Italians say these guys must be tried back in Italy.

5) Italian Dy. Foreign Minister comes to India to negotiate.

6) A Catholic cardinal at the Vatican, Mar George Alencherry (originally from Kollam (Kerala) calls Catholic Ministers in Kerala to request them to go soft on the Catholic Italians while regretting the death of two Catholic Indian fishermen.  [Am quoting Mar Alencherry verbatim here; not being sarcastic. Read his statements.]

7) The battle is still on as marines strode into court in their uniforms, reports of them being served pizzas in prison and demonstrations by various groups. India is apparently unmoved and wants to prosecute these men in India.

Now, taking on each point – not answering but questioning:

Q1) The threat of piracy is mostly seen around Somalia (the horn of Africa) in the Arabian Sea. Somalia is a good 4000km away from Kerala!

Q2) Indians dragging Italians to an Indian court from outside India. When did we Indians become so effective? Last I heard we were running behind one Mr.Ottavio Quattoroachi in Malaysia and Brazil armed with red-corner notices from Interpol.  Surprise Surprise – we let Mr.Quattoroachi get away and also de-freeze his bank accounts – just in case he is short of money to run away! Must say we have become a far more  effective and efficient force now!

Q3) Why are ‘Italian Marines’ on a private ship? – shouldn’t it be more like gun-toting mafia instead of marines?

Not yet an offer that Sonia can't resist

Q4) A trial in Italy. What are people smoking these days?  Ever heard of Amanda Knox, an American student who was ILLEGALLY kept in prison in Italy for 4-YEARS!!! []. May be they mean we should go to the Godfather for justice. Unfortunately, Indians  continue to resist this offer!

Q5) Dy. Foreign Minister comes to India for negotiations. There are 125 Indians in Italian jails [] With a total of almost 6800 Indians in jails abroad, if this is the precedent, the Indian Foreign Minister would actually become a foreigner to India as he would be negotiating the release of Indians across the world. Though, I guess SM Krishna would prefer this to sitting in South Block.

Q6) When did religion start coming into this? A Catholic Cardinal is speaking for his Italian cousins who killed two of his Malayali Catholic Chettas?

Q7) When did India start taking a hardline against foreign criminals in India. If Ajmal Kasab is enjoying our hospitality, lets not forget Peter Bleach, who was allowed to go scot-free with a ‘Presidential Pardon’ despite being CONVICTED in the purulia arms drop case. []. The arms drop if anything was an attempt to wage war against India. How serious is the issue of the murder of 2 fishermen in comparison?

Clearly there is more to this than meets the eye. While we will have to wait for the details to unravel, here is a summary of what could actually be the truth –

– It has been established that Sonia’s sister runs two antique shops in Italy and Sonia Gandhi is the main supplier of smuggled antiques to these shops ironically named Etnica and Ganpati []. Not to mention Robert Vadra is also a ‘jewellery exporter’ and was introduced to Priyanka through his business. []. His meteoric rise is another story – for another blog.

– The poor fishermen were only carriers of smuggled antiques to be delivered to the Italian ship for smuggling back to Italy.

Murders in Paris, Robbery in Rome and Killings in Kerala

– They were in the process of doing their job, while they were suddenly caught in the cross-fire. Sonia, Vadra & Co had a difference of opinion with their smuggler-partners and a Sicilian gang-war broke out in the sea. The Italian media has claimed that there were many boats in the vicinity and concrete evidence that the bullets were fired by these marines is yet to be produced by India.

– Sonia now wants to teach the rival gang a lesson. Hence all this pressure on the police to prosecute the in India.

– The Cardinal Mar George Alencherry was trying to convince the rival gang to relent and give into Sonia, for he knows the power that Sonia wields and needs Sonia’s support to carry out his Catholic agenda in India. He was only trying to get through to the ‘marines’ through the Kerala ministers who have direct access to the detainees.

It will be interesting to see how it all ends. If the rival gang will kiss and make up with Sonia (meaning India relents and lets the marines go) or escalates to the next level (meaning these Italians will be in detention till Sonia settles scores).

Wonder who is the bigger bomb-shell – Sonia or this story!


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  1. Veera permalink

    Amanda Knox is an American women; not Australian.

  2. Toby permalink

    I can see where the next pot-boiler is coming from. Rollicking read this. Well done AamAdmo. Ram Gopal Verma, you gotta do this!

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