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Lakshmi Chaudhry’s lies on FirstPost: Calling El Chaudhry’s Toro

August 16, 2013

Nidhi Razdan of NDTV recently made a mess of her interview with British MP Barry Gardiner on an invitation to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to address the House of Commons. The interview came in for flak – not unsurprising considering that Razdan used “controversy / ial” 4-times in the opening 20 secs of the interview!

As is normal in today’s day and age, this outrage played out over Social Media – twitter to be more precise. Lakshmi Chaudhry (@elchaudhry on twitter) jumped in with an article on FirstPost (where is a Senior Editor). Again, her post was on expected lines, considering her track record. Her views contradicting popular online online sentiment – not uncommon when it comes to any subject that even remotely relates to Modi. Chaudhry says Razdan allowed Gardiner to “lie, dodge and attack her in the most shameless manner possible.” She reprimands Razdan for failing to nail Gardiner and advises all journalists to “do their homework”.

ImageChaudhry concludes in the same vein “Worse, Gardiner’s antics sparked a Twitter lynching campaign which forced Razdan to shut her twitter account, offering a suitably shameful epilogue to this spectacle of shamelessness”

So, here is the Bio of the twitter account referenced by Chaudhry in the article.

ImageThe language used clearly indicates it is a parody. And for the benefit of the intellectually challenged, the bio also states it is a parody. The account was active at the time when Chaudhry published her article, though it seemed to have passed through intermittent periods of suspension in the past.

So now which account did the “Twitter lynching campaign” target? What was the “shameful epilogue” that Chaudhry refers to?

Appropriately enough for an article which preached to journalists to “do their homework” and called this a “spectacle of shamelessness”, FirstPost edited the copy and put this in place “Correction: We’ve been informed by Ms Razdan that she has not been on Twitter for the past 2-plus years. The copy has been corrected to reflect the same.


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  1. Niyathi Rao permalink

    I don’t disagree that Mr. Gardiner stretched it a bit too far lecturing on how we as Indians can or cannot debate on a national issue. But can’t fully blame him either as Nidhi Razdan could have done much better with framing her questions in her interview, focusing less on Modi’s character bashing and more on UK’s sudden change of heart for Modi.

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